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Recent news

9 May 2014 by Tagaziel (talk)
WL2 Ranger concept.jpeg

Wasteland 2 has just entered another phase of production!

Join the worldwide Wasteland 2 localization crowdsourcing effort!

One of the most common questions asked of us since we started talking about Wasteland 2, even before we successfully concluded our Kickstarter, was “do you guys need any help localizing the game? I can help!”

But I’ve done localization work from a high level enough times to know you can’t just throw people at it and it’ll all work out. So we put our heads together and came up with the best way to use the power of the crowd for our localization in such a way as to still get high quality localized versions of our games.

Stage one of that is what truly involves you, our backers and fans. We have set up a project on Get Localization where anyone willing can sign up to localize the game in French, Italian, German and Spanish. We will provide you with translator instructions and a glossary of terms, and you can dive in and right away start translating from English to your own language. Wasteland 2 is a wordy game, and it’s a massive effort. We’re excited about once again opening up the doors to involve fans directly into the game making process like this.

Once the bulk of this work is done like this, our plan is to then hand this to professional editors in these languages, who will do editing passes to fix errors, clean up stylistic inconsistencies. This way we’ll ensure the end product is of the quality we should expect for Wasteland 2.

Thank you for your involvement!

Matt Findley
inXile President

Our Get Localization Project Page

Is there a minimum time investment required?

There is not! Sign up and however much you’d like to translate, we’re thankful for.

How much guidance do we get?

Inside the project page we include links to the translator instructions we are using for this project, as well as an indepth glossary of terms.

What languages will you be localizing this way?

We are localizing the game in French, Italian, German and Spanish with this method. Polish and Russian localizations are of course still planned, but they will be done by Deep Silver so we won’t be using this method for those.

12 December 2013 by Tagaziel (talk)

If you are a backer, you already received the good news. Wasteland 2 is here and it's live. Well, the beta, that is. To get the Steam code for it, visit the Ranger Center and grab it from the Donations tab. However, you ought to remember a few things.

As Brian Fargo explains in update #40, this is, well, a beta. That means a certain roughness will be felt around the edges. First, grab a copy of the Wasteland 2 reference sheet and study it (or print and make a paper plane if you prefer figuring things out on your own). Second, remember these points:

  • The beta is for testing and as such has a limited scope. The beta is limited to Arizona and even then, certain locations were excised. The final game will have more, don't you worry.
  • Some skills are not implemented in the beta, including Animal Whisperer, Silent Move, and (unsurprisingly) Combat Shooting.
  • The user interface is still going through puberty, so expect hideousness as inXile helps it make through this tough period.
  • The same goes for sounds. While Mark Morgan did a ridiculously good job on the soundtrack, some sound effects and voices are missing, temporary, or simply have yet to mature.
  • Combat and economy are not yet balanced. Your mileage may vary, as will your life expectancy.
  • The reactivity and connections between characters and settlements are implemented, but inXile will continue to refine and expand them. You can help! Feedback on the depth of the game and roleplaying mechanics is the best kind of feedback.
  • Now, you may be wondering how to report the bugs or whether you're under an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). If you are eligible for the beta, you should soon receive an e-mail with login details for CenterCode, which will serve as Wasteland 2's feedback hub.

Now, you may be wondering how to report the bugs or whether you're under an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). If you are eligible for the beta, you should soon receive an e-mail with login details for CenterCode, which will serve as Wasteland 2's feedback hub.

Now, the Wasteland 2 beta is not covered by an NDA. That's right, you can record, write, post, and shout about the game from the rooftops (watch out for the heights, however). This also means that you can freely contribute to the official Wasteland wiki hosted on our servers. Here's a short FAQ:

Can anyone edit the wiki?

Yes. Just like the Vault, the official Wasteland wiki is free and open for all to edit. No, you don't have to register or sacrifice a Quartz townsman to edit. Just open a page, hit the edit button, and edit to your heart's content.

Should I register an account?

We encourage doing this. While you can edit anonymously, an account will give you greater privileges, such as no obligatory Catcha when adding external links, uploading files, and tracking of your contributions (for bragging rights).

I don't know if I can edit worth a damn. Should I do it regardless?

Yes, of course! Every bit of information added to the wiki helps create the definitive guide to the Wasteland franchise. The worst that will happen is that another editor will edit your contribution, adding categories, infoboxes, and generally organizing stuff. You will never be penalized or reprimanded for contributing to the wiki.

You mean the admins aren't bloodthirsty desert mutants that viciously protect the wiki as their pet project and eat people if they try to edit?

No. We don't eat people or chase them away (the jury's still out on us being mutants. Your edits are always welcome, as are your files, comments, and reactions. We're all Wasteland fans here.

Do I get anything for editing?

Fame and glory, Ranger. Fame and glory. We will also regularly feature articles, together with the names of their contributors, to give you bragging rights. Plus, you'll know you're building the official Wasteland encyclopedia.

19 November 2013 by Tagaziel (talk)

It's been a while Rangers, so let's summarize the latest news, with a little help from The Guru.

That's right, Rangers. You can now legitimately purchase Wasteland through either Steam or

12 July 2013 by Tagaziel (talk)

If you were ever wondering if there was a strategy guide for Wasteland, you can stop it now. There was. This strategy guide, called the Wasteland Survival Guide, is now available on this wiki as scans. We'll create a PDF as soon as we figure out the kinks. Have fun reading, Rangers.

10 July 2013 by Tagaziel (talk)

If you were looking at Recent Changes the past two weeks, you may have noticed a flood of information. Is one of the admins going crazy? Is he breaking apart Wasteland discs and pouring raw data into the server? The answer is quite simple. Kayahr, one of the technical experts behind the Wasteland Deconstruction project and author of the wlansuite of tools to break Wasteland down into its base components has graciously agreed to merge his wiki into ours. What does that mean for you? Here's the breakdown:

We've done the merger by hand, but with the amount of information imported, oversights are bound to creep in. We'll be ironing out the problems and patching the holes continuously, but right now, the merger can be considered nearly complete.

Once again, thank you Kayahr for your contribution to the Wasteland community and all of your hard work. You're the best.

PS: Kayahr has also made available a gallery of all the animations from Wasteland. If you're itching for a Wasteland avatar, pay him a visit!