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Agricultural center
Ag center map.png
map markerAgricultural Center

Agricultural center is an early game location in Wasteland and Wasteland 2.

Background[edit | edit source]

A former satellite facility in Arizona, the center survived devastation. Its crew abandoned the installation shortly after the nuclear war and joined the farmers to form the agricultural station. All alarms and electronic countermeasures were deactivated.[1]

The center would suffer two major contaminations: the outbreak of rodents under the lead of Harry in 2087 and a mysterious mutagenic plague in 2102.

Wasteland[edit | edit source]

The Agricultural Center is a farming community. The Agricultural Center itself secured with a high wall made of adobe with several black scorch marks, with barbed wire lining the top. In front of the two vegetable fields stands a sales booth made of aluminum. In 2087, it is under siege by mutated animals, led by Harry, the Bunny Master.

Wasteland 2[edit | edit source]

Agricultural center continued to supply food to the region. In 2102, fifteen years after the original Ranger party defeated the rodent infestation under Harry's lead, the vegetation experienced a sudden, unexplained explosion of growth, as did various pests in the center (citric mutant larvae and insects). Worse, the farmers, workers, and scientists also started acting strangely. By the time the Rangers from the Ranger Citadel responded to the radio distress call, the psychosis has set in.

The player must fight their way through the jungle of giant creatures and plants to prevent the agricultural infection from spreading (which they'll need to do to get the satellite dish working again (for the game-critical path) and rescue any survivors (optional).

Once the player is on the second stage of their quest in Arizona (track down the radio signals from LA), they must reclaim/reactivate the satellite dish in the center of the facility to help track down the signal in the Wasteland (the dish can only be accessed once the center is explored and [the mutant] contamination stopped.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Paragraphs: "The diary talks about the last days during which the satellite facility was operating.
    "Las Vegas is still intact. Needles wasn't damaged by bombs, but some flooding occurred when the river level rose. Quartz suffered a lot of damage."
    In hurried script, the last diary entry reads, "We're abandoning the satellite installation so we can join the farmers out at the Ag Station. We've deactivated the alarms and electronic countermeasures that protect this place."