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GamesIndustry International has an interesting interview with Wasteland 2 writer and designer Chris Avellone.

Q: How did Obsidian get involved with the Wasteland Kickstarter deal? Wasn't it after a certain funding target was hit?

Chris Avellone: Well it started because Brian knew I was a big Wasteland fan. He asked for a quote for the website and then we talked about Wasteland and I told him I was a really big fan and I'd love to see a sequel. Then a week later Brian asked if I'd want to work on it and I said, yes I would. Then he asked if Obsidian might want to team up on it so we came to an arrangement there.

He wanted to look at some of our toolsets to see if any of our technology would be a good fit, things like the conversation editor, any other tools that might work better than Unity. Unity actually ended up being a better fit.

Anyway, it came down to me being the guy from Obsidian working on it and he's paying Obsidian for my time, even though I'd do it for free.

The interview covers not only the second installment of Wasteland but also Obsidian's own South Park RPG and Avellone's thoughts on rebooting the Planescape: Torment franchise.

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