Blood-stained journal

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Blood-stained journal
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Blood-stained journal is a book in Wasteland 2.

Background[edit | edit source]

A rough-paper, leather wrapped journal, soaked in the blood of the body you picked it off of.

Location[edit | edit source]

  • Damonta: Found on a body south of the radio station, in the center of town.

Transcript[edit | edit source]


Most of the writing in this journal is illegible, the pages stuck together and the words obscured by dried blood.

...ade it to Damonta. Always lifts my spirits to find I'm not chasing something that isn't really there. Hopefully, I'll be able get a good night's rest...restock before heading further east. If my theo... [this passage is accompanied by a map of the area, charting a path from the Canyon of Titan to Damonta. It seems mostly accurate, but bloodstains obscure large portions of it]

I have res...urn to Da...a. In the two weeks I've been out here, I've only found only impassable mountain terrain or ra...uds too hot for my suit. I am hopefuly that with all that pre-war tech, I'll be able to improve the suit's filter, or at least foritfy it so I can travel through the mounta...t tearing.
I wish I'd taken the stronger suit, instead of letting Donald have it. No, no. He...ater need for it.

This really is a spectacular little community. The whole place is powered, and even tthe smaller shacks have climate control. The sheer amount of resources present in this place cou...ed to...erhap...y again.
No, no. I, I should really keep trying t...a way eas...

...t clicked on, and I clapped my hands, turned around, and said, ""There you go, Holly! If I got that right, you should be able to pop that tape into this box here"" and that's when she kissed me. I wa...ised, and told her it wasn't a big deal, getting the tape deck to work for her, that she didn't owe me anything, and then she did it again! She called me stupid, then she called me smart, then she called me handso...

...een here for three years now. During the winter, the radiation is light enough that traders come from the east. I don't thi...ind a place that'll make me happier than this amazing little town. Holly's beautiful, and charming, and funny, but I still wake up at night thinking about [i]her[/i].
Her laugh, and her mind, and mouth, and maybe now, maybe.
No, no...