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CLASSIC is the ruleset powering Wasteland 2 and its character systems. The acronym stands for the seven primary attributes.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

The seven primary attributes determine derived statistics and are expressed in a range from 1 to 10.

Derived statistics[edit | edit source]

Derived statistics are determined by the attributes.

Additionally, high character attributes yield bonuses:

  • Ranged Hit Bonus: Increased chance to hit targets with ranged weapons. Every point of Coordination translates into a 1% bonus (eg. a Ranger with 10 in Coordination gains the full 10% bonus).
  • Melee Critical Hit Bonus: Chance to score a critical hit with melee weapons. Every point of Awareness translates into a 1% bonus (eg. a Ranger with 10 in Awareness has a 10% bonus chance to score a critical hit).

Skills[edit | edit source]

Skills are also expressed in a range from 1 to 10 and are divided into three separate branches: Combat, Knowledge, and General Skills.

Combat Skills[edit | edit source]

Knowledge Skills[edit | edit source]

General Skills[edit | edit source]