Children of the Citadel

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Children of the Citadel
WL2 CNC Insignia.png
headquartersNew Citadel (Los Angeles)

Children of the Citadel are a Los Angeles cult that believes in the union between man and machine as the next step in the evolution of humanity as a whole.

Background[edit | edit source]

Founded by Matthias after his exodus into Los Angeles circa 2087, the Children were ostensibly founded as a benevolent cult centered around the prophet. He promises adherents of his religion a future free of pain and suffering: A life in a perfect synthetic body, powered by an atomic heart, that does not age, decay, or suffer like a human body does. From his headquarters at the New Citadel he broadcasts to the people of Los Angeles, steadily attracting converts and building up his army.

There are three tiers of members in the Children.

  1. Pilgrims are regular, unaltered humans who have expressed an interest in joining the cult.
  2. Stage two are the Evolved, humans who have received an atomic heart and several surgical implants to enhance their performance. These are typically faster, stronger, and more durable than regular humans, but are also frequently horrifying to behold, as Goochman, the specialist performing the operations, tends to remove body parts like noses, ears, and performing other grotesque modifications seemingly out of spite.
  3. Finally, the third tier are the Exalted, provided with fully synthetic bodies. They are usually religious fanatics, like Tinker, fiercely fighting in the name of Matthias.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • The Children are the primary antagonists of the Los Angeles chapter of Wasteland 2. Children patrols are encountered regularly on the world map, while different groups, both hostile and not, can be found in various locations around Los Angeles.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Matthias' arguments mirror those of Karras, the main antagonist of Thief II: Metal Age.
  • The name Children of the Citadel bears a striking resemblance to Children of the Cathedral, a major enemy faction in Fallout

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