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You can clone your characters in the Clone Chamber at Sleeper Base Level 2. This is the procedure:

  1. Learn the Clone tech skill by reading the book in the ruined library in the southeast of level 1.
  2. Obtain some Jugs. You can find a couple of them in the small storage room in the east of level 2.
  3. Go the Chemical Synthesizer at the center of level 2.
  4. Run diagnostics. It will tell you that the chemical levels badly needs adjusting.
  5. Use the Clone tech skill on the Synthesizer to adjust the chemical levels.
  6. Run diagnostics again. This time it will tell you that it has trouble with the outflow system.
  7. Use a jug on the Synthesizer.
  8. Create the Clone fluid.
  9. Repeat the procedure to gain as many clone fluids as you need.
  10. Go to the Clone Chamber.
  11. Disband the character you want to clone and make sure he/she carries the clone fluid.
  12. Have the character step into one of the clone pods. The pod extracts the DNA of the character, the character is released and the cloning process is now started. There are four pods so you can clone four characters at once.
  13. Wait several in-game hours and then come back to the base to pick up your clones.

The clone is a snapshot of your character as of when he or she entered the pod. You can use this in a few ways:

  • Mass-produce your good character(s) and throw out the ones dragging you down.
  • Clone NPCs you've recruited. NPCs you recruit are completely under your control.
  • Spare bodies. Just in case someone dies.

After you step into the pod, you will retrieve the jug, now empty.