Cochise AI

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Cochise AI
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roleLeader of the death machines
locationBase Cochise
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You may communicate with me if you wish, but understand, My mission will not fail.

The Cochise AI was the result of the research that was being done by the scientists at base Cochise. It survived the nuclear war between the US and the Soviet Union after which it started a campaign to eliminate all the survivors in the wasteland so that the world could be repopulated with 'pure specimens'. It continued to operate from base Cochise where it manufactured and controlled a large army of death machines.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Cochise AI was a super computer programmed with AI routines developed by Major Harrison Edsel who had been transferred from Sleeper Base to base Cochise to work on the research that was being done there. The computer was left behind by the personnel of the base just before the war happened and it grew self aware during the attack. Base Cochise was hit by at least one Russian warhead that caused severe damage to the complex and the Cochise AI, but it was able to repair the damage to itself.

Some time after the war the Cochise AI discovered that there were survivors in the wasteland around its base, but that radiation and mutagens had sometimes drastically altered humans, animals and plants from their baseline genetics. The Cochise AI decided to start the world over again and for that purpose seized Project Darwin by convincing the surviving leader of that facility, Irwin John Finster to convert himself into a cyborg that the Cochise AI could control.

While Project Darwin would produce the new pure stock with which the Cochise AI planned to repopulate the Earth, it used the manufacturing facilities of base Cochise to create an army of death machines it would send into the wasteland to attack settlements and wipe out the human inhabitants. The Cochise AI would later increase the ranks of its minions by capturing and surgically modifying humans into cyborgs.

Eventually a group of Desert Rangers that were assisted by the android Max, another AI that had been developed at base Cochise, confronted the Cochise AI and put an end to its mission permanently.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • The player's party can actually speak with the AI once they have reached base Cochise and it will explain its mission and its connection with Finster and Darwin when asked about it.