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A crowbar is a length of steel bar with a hooked wedge on the end of it... and usually another, straighter wedge on the other end! Crowbars are intended to be used for prying and breaking stuff, but Gordon Freeman found another use for a crowbar, and in Wasteland, so can you.

In-Game Uses[edit | edit source]

Door Breaching/Smashing Stuff[edit | edit source]

A crowbar is a handy thing to have one of in your party. Repeat: one. The rest of your slots should be reserved for ammo (if you're the type that likes to burn through clips), quest items, essentials, and plastic explosives for the big stuff. A crowbar can be used to get through lesser doors and through windows and other useful tasks, like knocking out cameras or prying open hatches in Base Cochise.

Melee Weapon[edit | edit source]

A crowbar, luckily for you Half-Life fans, is currently unrated as a melee weapon, but is likely the same as other tools and "lesser" melee weapons, such as the Club, Shovel, Ax, Pick ax, and Sledgehammer. Chainsaws are the next main upgrade, and with Disc Swapping or Super Loot Bags, multiple Proton axes are possible. A useful tool and melee weapon for an early party, and perhaps good for a little nostalgia value in Vegas solo at high level in Power Armor.