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Wl2 Portrait Random Male.tex.png
locationTemple of Titan
appearancesWasteland 2
questsPay tribute to enter the Temple of Titan
Creature statistics
Hey, buddies. Any chance you found some goop to spare? I'm holdin' and ready to compensate. Plus a little extra if you'll keep it quiet about my shipment.

Dale is a lone trader found at the Canyon of Titan.

Background[edit | edit source]

A shaggy, shabby guy in a tie-died shirt and fringed leather jacket. He's wearing a bandana across his forehead and carrying a filthy backpack. As you get close, he approaches, smiling. He seems nice enough, but the guy is definitely on something. He's sweating and jittery.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

This character has no special interactions.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Dale will ask the Rangers to part with a can of goop to help him cover the tribute. The Rangers see through his crappy excuses (Smart Ass 4 and 5), eventually realizing that he's lying and forcing him to come clean. Dale is a smuggler and he is carrying drugs into Damonta, ones he doesn't want the monks to pilfer for their hospital. In exchange for the goop, he will return an empty sludge container that can be refilled (two barrels are on the Temple map alone) and give the code (60845) for the only entrance to the monk complex that does not have monk patrols every which way (once the Rangers talk to him inside the Temple perimeter).
  • Once inside the temple, Dale will also sell Roasted Scorpions.
  • He can be found dead inside the strip club once at Damonta.