Deliver a Visa card to Head Crusher in Quartz

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Deliver a Visa card to Head Crusher in Quartz
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Quest data
locationDesert Nomads
given byBrakeman
rewardMinor loot

Deliver a Visa card to Head Crusher in Quartz is a quest in Wasteland.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Brakeman asks the Rangers a small favor, to deliver an old VISA card to the Head Crusher in Quartz.

Progression[edit | edit source]

  • This is a minor quest that is started in the Rail Nomads' camp and finished in Quartz. Basically, you deliver a Visa card to Head Crusher in return for a password and some loot.
  • When arriving at the Nomad camp, the Brakeman will invite you to visit him in his caboose. Do so, and agree to take the Visa card to Head Crusher. Now, get to Quartz and then Scott's Bar in the south. Your man is sitting alone in the southern part of the bar - disband a character and sit with him, then use the Visa card on the chair (or yourself if you're sitting on it).
  • He will reveal a password to you (Caterpillar). You can then return to the camp, tell the password to the guard at the Atchison tent and then go dig up your reward.
  • Impatient? Okay. The reward is, from the west end of the southern rail, and twelve steps south. Use a shovel, get your loot and... meet some rail thieves trying to ambush you. Have fun!