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Wl2 portrait RAVEBOT.tex.png
hit points80armor3
chance to evade?chance to hit80
crit. hit chance?crit. dam. multiplier2
action points6combat speed2.5
Encounter data
detection FOV60detection radius15
experience granted75
locationsRandom encounter
Abandoned railway
Technical data

Discobot is a creature in Wasteland 2. Its designed purpose is to close distance and illuminate the enemy with lasers, giving other robots an enhanced chance of hitting the target and reducing the target's chance to hit at the same time.

Background[edit | edit source]

While the mainstream never really accepted it, a group of hackers embraced the civilian model of the Octrotron after they leveraged the ability to program in new topiary patterns to add custom functionality to the nimble robot. Findley-Tek took a shot at mass-manufacturing the most popular version of these hacks, a fancy light-and-sound-show they called the Discobot. It failed miserably at market, so they added advanced target painting software and sold it to the military. Confused enemies of freedom died to the beat.[1]

References[edit | edit source]