Fat Freddy

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Fat Freddy
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roleCrime boss
locationLas Vegas

Fat Freddy is a genetic nightmare - a squamous mass of slimy flesh shuddering and twitching before you like some animated blob of flesh-colored jello. He smells like a swamp, a foul, choking miasma of rotting mastodonian flesh left to putrefy

— Wasteland Paragraphs #21

Fat Freddy is a crime boss, who does not like to be told no. He has a habit of gassing those who do say it, and chucking them in jail. He also has a keen sense of humour as a boxing glove is ready to pop out of the wall, and into your face, should you give the wrong password when entering his den.

He would like to see Faran Brygo dead, and his Onyx ring as proof.

Appereances in other games[edit | edit source]

Fat Freddy mentioned in Fallout by Tycho, a Desert Ranger from Nevada, as "fat freak" from Las Vegas told him by his father.