Find Josie, one of Raji's runaways

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Find Josie, one of Raji's runaways
Find Josie, one of Raji's runaways.jpg
Quest data
given byRaji
rewardEscape Artistry For Assholes

Find Josie, one of Raji's runaways is a quest in Wasteland 2.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Raji, the self-proclaimed leader of the impoverished and disenfranchised in Hollywood, asks the Rangers to find one of the girls that were under his protection and who disappeared.

To initiate this side quest, just keep talking to Raji until he asks you for help to look for Josie to prove that you are on the side of the people and not the HCC.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Josie is located in the Hollywood sewers, near the junkie hang-out.
  • She is suffering from a drug overdose. Use Surgeon to bring her back.
  • Escort the living Josie to Raji and talk to him to receive the reward.

Reward[edit | edit source]