Irwin John Finster

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Irwin John Finster
WL ani 236.gif
affiliationBase Cochise
locationProject Darwin Upper Level
Character statistics
Creature statistics
skill30 (Darwin)
1 (Mind Maze
health37-187 (Darwin)
0-3 (Mind Maze
damage8d6 (Darwin)
2d6+1 (Mind Maze
AC5 (Darwin)
1 (Mind Maze
rangeMedium, automatic (Darwin)
Melee (Mind Maze
XP900 (Darwin)
6 (Mind Maze
A brilliant man who became twisted and corrupt. After he placed his intelligence in that synthetic body he was never the same. Something happened in the transfer. That's when it all went wrong.
~ Jan

Irwin John Finster is the Director of Project Darwin.

Background[edit | edit source]

Finster, human, was transferred to Darwin after serving as base commander at Base Cochise, before colonel John Smith was transferred to that position to oversee construction of the new underground facility that would house major Harrison Edsel's AI supercomputer.

Finster is described as a handsome, slender man, even ninety years after the apocalypse. The reason for this is simple - he is no longer human. Finster became an android in the wake of the nuclear war, when Darwin's focus switched to producing useful life, adapted to the post-nuclear reality. The transfer to the synthetic body twisted something inside him, turning him into a corrupt, twisted creature.

Darwin then switched its focus even more drastically, to create new life, to populate the world once humanity has been extinguished by Cochise's robots. However, before he could finish the project, Desert Rangers intervened, assassinating Finster and ending his mad reign.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The character and name might be a reference to Howard Finster, a man who created the garden-park museum "Plant Farm Museum" to "show all the wonderful things o' God's Creation, kinda like the Garden of Eden".

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