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This page lists all attributes in Fountain of Dreams.
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Skills are bound to an attribute. So if you raise an attribute then this also makes the bound skills more effective. The mathematics behind this are currently unknown.

Attribute Short Description
Strength ST Raw physical power. The higher your ST is, the more damage you will do with handheld weapons other than firearms.
Intelligence IQ Mental capacity. IQ determines how adept you can become in Passive Skills. For every point of IQ above 15 a PC or NPC has, he can potentially add 1 level to his Passive Skills.
Will Power WP Mental toughness. WP is the ability to exert mind over matter, even to the point of remaining able to fight after you have been rendered unconscious.
Aptitude AP Mental flexibility. AP determines how adept you can become at Active Skills. For every point of AP above 15 a PC or NPC has, he can potentially add 1 level maximum to his Active Skills.
Dexterity DX Quickness and agility. If your DX is high, you will be hard to hit in combat, you will have an improved chance of hitting first in combat, and you will be more accurate with missile weapons.
Charisma CH Personal appeal. If your CH is high, strangers will be more inclined to react positively toward you, and you will have a better chance of recruiting NPCs into your party.
Luck LK The intangibles, whether you beat the odds or they beat up on you. If you have enough LK, things just work out for you; but if you have too little, you won't be able to hit the broad side of a bomb crater, while the monsters will beat the gamma radiation out of you with their eyes membraned.