Giant rabbit

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For the version found in the original Wasteland, see Bunny.
Giant rabbit
Wl2 portrait rabbit01.tex.png
hit points14armor1
chance to evade15chance to hit60
crit. hit chance15crit. dam. multiplier1.3
action points8combat speed3
Encounter data
detection FOV45detection radius10
experience granted15
locationsRandom encounter
Technical data
weaponAZ1_Bunny_Basic, SpecialAttack_RabbitLeap

Giant rabbit is a creature found in Wasteland 2.

Rabbits may not sound too threatening, but these beasts are fast, nimble and possessing of big pointy teeth. Lone rabbits are not too dangerous, but a herd will overrun your position in no time. Avoid their warrens at all cost.

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