Help Red Baychowski

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Help Red Baychowski
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Help Red Baychowski
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Help Red Baychowski is a quest in Wasteland 2.

Overview[edit | edit source]

This quest begins in Damonta and involves travelling to Silo 7. It is obtained by talking to Red Baychowski.

When you find the treasure, you have the option to split it with Red or keep it all for yourself. The treasure is some Gold! hidden under the floor of the plane.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

You meet Red again atop the fuselage of a large plane, west of your starting position.

He asks you to destroy some robots that have him pinned inside the cockpit.

Go around to the other side of the plane towards the back for the entrance.

Enter and dispatch the robots to get your quest.

Take Red with you and go to Silo 7.

The left path has a hidden entrance that high perception or Red will discover.

In the back locker room you will discover the screwdriver, use this in the first room on the vent near the L-Shaped stack of boxes along the side.

You will also find a toaster.

You should get the Double Six Tragedy Report and AirMAll Catalog Item that you will give to Corporal Flintlock Eggleston in Ranger Citadel

Warning: if the Rangers leave the Damonta without rescuing Red, upon returning he will be dead with only his Bar machine gun and random loot on his corpse.

Reward[edit | edit source]

You will receive Gold x10