Highpool cave

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Highpool cave
Highpool cave map.png
map markerHighpool cave
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Highpool cave is a location in Highpool.

Description[edit | edit source]

After you have found the cave entry in Highpool and used a rope on it you can climb down into the cave. A very dark cave with rocky floor. The cave walls are damp and slick with moisture. Rocks and bolders makes it difficult to pass.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

  • Jackie can be found in the north of the cave in the center-square right behind some ruble you have to climb. To rescue her simply hire her. She will join your party and that's the whole reward you get for rescuing her.
  • When you kill the Rabid Dog (Which is Bobby's dog Rex) then Bobby will attack you when you are going to leave Highpool. So you may decide to just run and climb past.
  • The Rabid Dog drops a Jewelry when you kill him.
  • If you use a Match at the beginning of the cave then for whatever reason Bobby's dog Rex is no longer a Rabid Dog but a Spiked Mut which is easier to kill. Maybe this is some kind of award for being cautious when entering a dark cave.

Fixed encounters[edit | edit source]

Name Type Exp. Pts. Maxcon AC Skill Damage Weapon type Range Group
Pic-1-10.png Rabid Dog Animal 135 11-56 2 1 4d6 Melee Melee 1
Pic-1-10.png Spiked Mut Animal 45 11-56 0 1 4d6 Melee Melee 1
Pic-1-56.png Juvenile Humanoid 10 2-12 0 1 3d6 Melee Melee 1