Honey badger

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Honey badger
Wl2 portrait badger01.tex.png
hit points225 (random encounters, Leve L'Upe)
125 (Prison)
4 (Prison)
chance to evade-15chance to hit70
crit. hit chance10crit. dam. multiplier2
action points8combat speed1
Encounter data
detection FOV45detection radius15
experience granted60
locationsLeve L'Upe mine
Technical data
weapon20-27 (Claw)

Honey badger is a creature found in Wasteland 2.

Background[edit | edit source]

Honey badgers were reportedly well known for "not caring" before the war, but with mutations increasing them in size and toughening their hides, they're some of the most dangerous animals you will encounter in the wastes. They will attack with tooth and claw and have thick hides, making them notoriously hard to bring down. Honey badgers are fearless and aggressive, usually roaming in packs or burrowing underground.

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