Ion beamer (Wasteland 2)

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For the Ion beamer in Wasteland, see Ion beamer.
Ion beamer
T icon W EnergySMG1.png
skillEnergy Weapons
base hit chanceDefaultcritical chanceDoes not crit
fire modesBurst shot x2 (4 AP)
chance to jamDoes not jam
4 AP to unjam
rangeMaximum: 20m-18m
Optimum: 18m-3m
Point blank: 3m or less
ammo usedEnergy cell - ammoammo capacity10
3 AP to reload
value$ 1520weight8.0 lbs.
item idEnergy_Tier_6_1

Ion beamer (Wasteland 2) is a tier 6 energy weapon in Wasteland 2.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Ion Blaster's big brother, it projects twice as many beams, twice as fast. Melts twice as many faces.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Energy weapons cannot jam or inflict Critical Hits, but deal bonus damage to targets with Conductive Armor.

Armor Damage Multipliers
Conductive 2.4x
Non-Conductive 0.6x

The weapon alerts enemies (generates noise) in a 20 unit radius.

The favourite energy weapon of the late-game's Children of the Citadel pulse gunners, the Ion Beamer is, in fact, quite subpar despite being listed as tier-6. It has a burst mode, sure, but doing only 40-50 damage per shot to targets with at least 7 armor along with high AP cost makes this weapon unemployable in real combat. Let it remain in your enemy's hands - and thank goodness they aren't carrying as many death rays instead.

Locations[edit | edit source]