M1989A1 NATO assault rifle (Wasteland)

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For the M1989A1 NATO in Wasteland 3, see M1989A1 (Wasteland 3).
M1989A1 NATO assault rifle
WL ani 107.gif
A Desert Ranger with an M1989 rifle
skillAssault Rifle
rangelong range with burst/auto fire
ammo35 7.62mm
value$ 1500
item id0x18 (24)

M1989A1 NATO assault rifle is an Assault Rifle in Wasteland.

Background[edit | edit source]

The M1989A1 is big brother to the original M16A1. It was rechambered to accept the same 7.62mm ammo that the AK series of rifles uses so troops could use captured Soviet ammo. Although assault rifle users greatly preferred the American ammo for its damage capabilities, the military implemented this change in anticipation of front-line ammo shortages. With this arrangement, a soldier could kill an enemy and replenish his supply at the same time.[1]

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The mainstay weapon up to Las Vegas sewers and possibly even beyond.

References[edit | edit source]