Metal Maniac

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Metal Maniac
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locationDarwin Village (Black Gilva Tavern)
Character statistics
attributesST 19, IQ 20, LK 18, SP 17, AGL 19, DEX 20, CHR 18, SKP 4, MAXCON 40
skillsAT Weapon 3, Brawling 2, Bomb disarm 1, Climb 1, Cryptology 1, Perception 3, Metallurgy 4, Safecrack 1, SMG 3, Toaster repair 2
levelCommand Corporal

Metal Maniac can be found in the Black Gilva Tavern located in Darwin Village.

Overview[edit | edit source]

He and Mad Dog Fargo are both sick and are lying down at the back of the tavern. The player can cure them with Antitoxin and recruit both of these NPCs.

Fate[edit | edit source]

Recruited into Ranger service, Metal Maniac reached the rank of Lieutenant Commander. By 2102, he is dead, buried outside the Ranger Citadel.

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