Midnight Special

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Midnight Special
T icon W 38Special.png
base hit chancePoint blank: +6%
Above optimal range: -20%
critical chance+6%
1.7x damage
fire modesSingle shot (3 AP)
chance to jam2%
4 AP to unjam
rangeMaximum: 11m-8m
Optimum: 8m-5m
Point blank: 5m or less
ammo used.38 ammoammo capacity6
3 AP to reload
value$ 370weight3.0 lbs.
item idHandgun_Tier_2_2

Midnight Special is a tier 2 handgun in Wasteland 2.

Description[edit | edit source]

A pawn-shop piece. This and a six-pack make for one hell of a Saturday night.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The weapon alerts enemies (generates noise) in a 15 unit radius.

A very decent handgun, somewhat hindered only by its small range and low Armor Penetration. A character with 12 AP can empty all six chambers in one turn, doing up to 66 damage + critical hits + almost guaranteed bleeding wound. Its range can be increased by attaching a scope, and in this form it will serve you well until Los Angeles where there are better handguns to pick from (and where enemies become a little bit too armored).

Strip parts[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]