Missile Base

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Missile Base
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map markerMissile Base
factionsM.A.D. Monks
leadersFather Enola
This silo was never operational. It was only a training facility and museum. But nobody knew that but us. We were the first people since the apocalypse to enter the silo. And that's when we conceived the big lie. As long as people thought we could blow them up, it didn't matter if Titan has a warhead. They would fear us all the same. And that's the way it worked for fifteen years, but no secret is safe forever. You know it now. Others do too. That's why we sent Brother Wright to find a working one.
~ Father Enola

The underground base complex that the M.A.D. Monks use as a temple, hospital, and quarters. The missile silo that contains the Titan II and the means to control it are located here.

Background[edit | edit source]

Only the monks themselves are allowed to enter the complex and any trespassers are quickly dealt with, the only exception is the hospital that is run by Dr Sidney Kyle who performs her cybernetic augmentation operations here as well as look after the more severely injured patients.

Two chambers of the base have been converted into prisons, one of them holding Brother Guano, a monk who has turned against Father Enola after he most likely became insane from radiation poisoning.

At the northern part of the complex is the missile silo itself that stores the base's missile and its launch controls.

Should the player be able to reach the missile launch room without killing any monks in the base Team Echo will meet Father Enola when the player finds out that their Titan missile is non functional. Father Enola will reveal that the Temple of Titan was originally a training facility and a museum rather than a real missile base.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Underground[edit | edit source]

The Titan-II missile. If the Rangers attach the scrambling device to the console, Father Enola will appear and attack. If, however, the Rangers have high Perception and identify it as a fake, he will appear, but ask the Rangers to bring back a real Titan missile for them from Silo 7.Toaster containing depleted uranium for Ethil MercaptainLocked, trapped, but otherwise unguarded side entrance. The door has an alarm.Exit to the surface (hospital)Dr Sidney KyleEntrance from the side door guarded by the DBMsMain entrance, well guardedBrother Guano, guarded by 4 monks.The prison, where the Rangers end up if they attack the Servants, but otherwise surrender.Entrance from the Chapel on the surfaceUnguarded entrance, can be opened on the surface with Dale's codeSix monks
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