Mount Lee

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Mount Lee
WL2 Hollywood Sign.jpg
factionsGod's Militia
leadersKnight Sergeant Victory Rocco Di Leo

Mount Lee is a location in Wasteland 2.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Mount Lee is a peak in the Santa Monica Mountains, located in Griffith Park. The famous, ruined Hollywood Sign is located on its southern slope. By 2102, it and the radio tower on top is firmly under the control of God's Militia.

The Rangers have to enter this location to hook up the final repeater and regain contact with the Ranger Citadel. The garrison under Rocco Di Leo can be bypassed peacefully if the player sides with either Retribution Jones or Ascension McDade, otherwise, they have to be killed.

There is also 30 pounds of medical-grade zeolite here, ideal for ultimate rad suits.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Griffith ParkVictory Rocco Di LeoThree packages of medical grade zeolite for WoodsonThe final radio tower
Interactive map

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]