Pay tribute to enter the Temple of Titan

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Pay tribute to enter the Temple of Titan
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Pay tribute to enter the Temple of Titan is a quest in Wasteland 2.

Overview[edit | edit source]

In order to enter the Temple, the Rangers have to contribute at least three canisters of radioactive green goop.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Receive three empty sludge containers at Outpost One at the Canyon of Titan.
  • Locate three barrels of radioactive goop to acquire it.
  • Note that committing a hostile action against the monks, including losing Brother Shapiro will jack up the tribute to six containers of goop. At that point all the raiders will also be hostile and it might be better to just shoot everyone and enter the Temple.

Locations of the barrels[edit | edit source]

Canyon of Titan[edit | edit source]

There are total of six barrels, three of which can be collected without passing any speech checks.

  • Badger Den. Access through the locked gate west of Outpost One. Protected by six Honey badgers.
  • Unmarked spot past the Outpost One, South of it. Access through the three destructible (Brute Force or explosives) walls or through a battle with 4 Diamondback Militia soldiers. Protected by 3 Honey badgers.
  • Raider Outpost on the road Northwest from the previous spot. Hard Ass level 7 check required or a payment of 200 Scrap. With Hard Ass 4 it's possible to get a -50 Scrap discount.
  • Two barrels at the unmarked Raider Camp East of Outpost Two.
    • The one in the eastern side can be taken for free.
    • The one in the western side can be purchased for 150 Scrap or taken for free by passing the two Kiss Ass checks: Level 4 and Level 7.
  • Raider Outpost in the Southeast corner. If you pass the Smart Ass Level 7 check you can get it for free along with a bit of extra loot

Temple of Titan[edit | edit source]

You can enter this location empty-handed because it's considered to be the outskirts of the Temple. There are two barrels here.

  • In the southern part of the map near the Raider Outpost. Unprotected and can be collected for free.
  • Raider Camp in the southern part of the map on the island surrounded by green liquid. The barrel is behind a destructible fence (Melee weapons or Brute Force). Despite being alerted when the wall gets destroyed they don't mind you taking it.

Reward[edit | edit source]

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