Pilgrim's Rest

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Pilgrim's Rest
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part ofLos Feliz
leadersJulianne Capps
doctorsCharles Cleric
merchantsJulianne Capps

Pilgrim's Rest is a location in Los Feliz.

Contains a safe opened with the code 24278375 (it's unknown if/how this code may be obtained without peeking at the data files). The safe contains The Story of Samson Part 3 and a unique weapon mod, Cappen RPCDX.

Background[edit | edit source]

Pilgrim's Rest is a small inn devoted to helping the Aspirants preparing to take the Gauntlet of Samson and join God's Militia if they survive.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Julianne CappsToasterChris, King of GamblersAlex BermudezDoctor Charles ClericManny Wong's poker chipsLos Feliz
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