Pizepi Joren

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Pizepi Joren
Wl2 portrait Vipula.tex.png
appearancesWasteland 2
Character statistics
skillsEnergy Weapons 7
Perception 6
Smart Ass 6

Perks: Overcharge, Overload, Solar Powered, Tactical Positioning

Pizepi Joren is a recruitable character in Darwin.

Background[edit | edit source]

Pizepi Joren, originally from the mutant-run Darwin Village, is smart, inquisitive, and not a huge fan of firearms, but in her time with the Rangers, she's come to accept that violence is sometimes the only option in the world beyond her sheltered town. She joined the Rangers after they cured the mutants of Darwin Village, and she's been with them ever since, broadening her understanding of the world and stripping her of her naivete, but never - at least not yet - allowing its bleakness to make a cynic of her.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Wasteland 2[edit | edit source]

WL2 Skill Icon Barter.png
This character is a party member.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • One of the mutated researchers in Darwin, Pizepi was affected by the mutant plague and will join the player's party if they aid her people in curing it. She is the only recruit to come with Energy Weapons expertise.
  • Pizepi is a recruit and will only be available to the player if the total sum of the party's Charisma is 22 or more (she may occasionally spawn at a lower total charisma level, but this appears to be random and it is advised that players not count on it.) She will approach the player's team after they exit the underground lab.
  • If you tell anyone in The Citadel about the existence of the mutant community living in Darwin, Pizepi will permanently leave your party.
  • If Pizepi is in your party when you enter Heidi's Hollywood Hideaway she will remark on how being a mutant causes her to feel physically isolated and how she would be interested in obtaining the services of one of the brothel's workers. Talking to any of the (upstairs level) workers with her as the active party member will cause the usual fade to black ending with her commenting on how meaningful she found the physical connection with another person and thanking the Rangers for giving her the opportunity. It is currently unknown how this impacts her stats and/or ending.

Wasteland 3[edit | edit source]

WL2 Skill Icon Barter.png
This character is a party member.

Details[edit | edit source]