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Police station
Police station.png
map markerPolice station
leadersSam Spade
connects toNeedles

Police station is a location in Needles. Enter the horizontal red building in the north east of Needles.

Overview[edit | edit source]

To the north lies the old military base. Now controlled by the police, it was partially rebuilt and now houses the town's library, doctor and police headquarters. The headquarters act as barracks for attack cops, who attack anyone who breaches the perimeter of the station with one is stationed at all times to protect the robot clerk. The amount of gang activity in the city generates a lot of paperwork and the clerk is usually occupied. The building also has the office of Spam Shade, the local detective, an expert in homicides, who was part of the Temple of Blood investigation.

Another important facility of the police station is the morgue, where the deceased are kept in low temperature storage. Among the dead was Bill Dugan of the Temple of Blood, who died of radiation poisoning, C. Christensen who died of Anthrax and T. Gonif, a victim of cirrhosis. The morgue is adjacent to the communications center, which was mostly destroyed in the fighting. Currently, only the pigeon mail survives.

The 'attack cops' are stored in the three rooms in the northwest section of the station, as well as the central chamber. Entering will trigger only that room's police to attack you. In the northeast are the station's cells. The city slicker (Mort) in one of the cells can be hired.

The last notable element of the station is the armory, protected by an automated high caliber turret. While you can break in with Picklock or TNT, you can also open the door by breaking into the room next door and press 0 to turn off the alarm. Within you can find some submachine guns.

Fixed encounters[edit | edit source]

Name Type Exp. Pts. Maxcon AC Skill Damage Weapon type Range Group
Pic-1-5.png Vandal Humanoid 18 2-11 1 2 1d6+4 Melee Melee 1-2
Pic-1-45.png Policeman Humanoid 40 5-25 1 20 4d6 Semi-auto Short 1-3
Pic-1-9.png Auto rifle Robot 450 18-93 5 16 6d6+1 Automatic Med 1
Pic-1-12.png City Slicker Humanoid 77 19-96 0 13 2d6 Semi-auto Short 1