Poor, Confused Luke

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Poor, Confused Luke
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Poor, Confused Luke is a radio broadcast in Wasteland 2.

Transcript[edit | edit source]


Now, to Luke - poor, confused Luke - who had been wandering the wastes for nigh on his entire life, James King's words on that Video Cassette were the answers to questions that had been plaguing him since birth. Why had the apocalypse happened? What did it mean? What was his purpose in life? And, most importantly, how could he save himself and the rest of this sorry old world from certain damnation?

Well, James King told him. He reached right out of that century old video, grabbed old Luke by the shirt front and gave unto him a preachment that was to change his life forever.

Luke, he said, the apocalypse was God's wrath. The bombs that fell from the sky swept up the good and the deserving to heaven in a mushroom cloud rapture and left only the damned and the wicked behind. There to suffer a thousand year tribulation of blood and horror and misery.

Now at that, Luke was sorely downcast, for he feared there was no hope. But James King was not done speaking. He told Luke that there was indeed hope. That the left behind need not despair, for there was still a path to heaven for those who believed.

James King said, and I quote, "The only hope for a sinner after the rapture is to get right with god by living a pure and noble life and shepherding unbelievers to the faith, or, if they refuse to follow, cleansing them from the earth with fire and sword."

And upon hearing those words, Luke Sampson knelt down in front of that ancient TV and held out his sledgehammer to the screen. "Reverend King," he said. "I hope this old hammer will do just as well."