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The Quartz Emporium is located in the southwest corner of Quartz, and is thus easily accessible from the desert. Many players traditionally "dump" unwanted items in Quartz, simply because it's easy to get to the store from the desert with minimal fuss. This is probably the first real store the characters will encounter. Unfortunately, the lack of an unlimited supply of plastic explosives makes the Black Market and General Store at Darwin Village more attractive shopping locations for the more advanced Ranger.

Item Stock Price
Ax 255 $25
Club 255 $15
Knife 255 $20
TNT 255 $50
M1911A1 45 pistol 255 $150
VP91Z 9mm pistol 255 $150
Spear 255 $35
Throwing knife 255 $20
Flame thrower 255 $3000
M17 carbine 255 $250
M19 rifle 255 $450
45 clip 255 $25
7.62mm clip 255 $30
9mm clip 255 $30
Leather jacket 255 $200
Bullet proof shirt 255 $500
Book 255 $10
Canteen 255 $10
Crowbar 255 $15
Gas mask 255 $150
Geiger counter 255 $300
Hand mirror 255 $10
Jug 255 $1
Map 255 $50
Match 255 $10
Pick ax 255 $75
Rope 255 $25
Shovel 255 $15
Sledge hammer 255 $25
Snake squeezin 255 $10

Purchase of goods[edit | edit source]

Item Price
Ax $13
Club $8
Chainsaw $250
Knife $10
Proton ax $5000
TNT $25
Grenade $75
Plastic explosive $150
Mangler $250
Sabot rocket $550
LAW rocket $1250
RPG-7 $2500
M1911A1 45 pistol $75
VP91Z 9mm pistol $75
Spear $18
Throwing knife $10
Flame thrower $1500
M17 carbine $125
M19 rifle $225
Red Ryder Rifle $6173
Mac 17 SMG $250
Uzi SMG Mark 27 $375
AK 97 assault rifle $650
M1989A1 Nato assault rifle $750
Laser pistol $4000
Laser carbine $5750
Ion beamer $8750
Laser rifle $6500
Meson cannon $9000
45 clip $13
7.62mm clip $15
9mm clip $15
Howitzer shell $25
Power pack $38
Leather jacket $100
Robe $125
Bullet proof shirt $250
Kevlar vest $500
Rad suit $675
Kevlar suit $875
Pseudo-chitin armor $2500
Power armor $15000
Book $5
Canteen $5
Crowbar $8
Engine $250
Gas mask $75
Geiger counter $150
Hand mirror $5
Jug $1
Map $25
Match $5
Pick ax $38
Rope $13
Shovel $8
Sledge hammer $13
Snake squeezin $5
Clay pot $8
Fruit $15
Jewelry $50

Gearing Up for the Desert[edit | edit source]

Whether you're going to the Agricultural Center to beat down the bunnies or gearing up to beat down the gang-bangers controlling Quartz, if you're coming here for the first time, and you haven't cheated your socks off, there are a few key items you want to make sure that everyone has, if possible, in rank of importance. First, make sure everyone has at least one of these:

  1. Canteen. Absolutely vital to party survival - every party member must have one! If you go out into the parts of the desert where "It's VERY hot!", and all party members have a canteen, you can hold down the Escape key and rest until fully healed for no expense. If you pick up any prisoner NPCs who come with their stats, their skills, and the lint in their pockets, buy them a canteen before heading out into the desert. Or not...
  2. Rope. It would be a good idea for the party to have at least four pieces of rope distributed amongst its members. Rope can be used to climb over the wall in the back of Ugly's Hideout (and take advantage of the window glass Perception/experience exploit). Rope is also necessary to complete the Las Vegas Sewers (and thus access the Sleeper Base and Base Cochise).
  3. Armor. Buy the best armor you can get, if you have extra cash. In Quartz, most (if not all) outdoor random encounters occur at melee range. Remember: you can get two or three Rad Suits in the waste pit in Needles, if you can brave the horrors within (bring lots of TNT!). Buy and find enough decent armor to fill the gaps in your party roster.
  4. Snake squeezins. Booze is necessary to bribe two hobos in the alley in the back of the Stagecoach Inn to allow access to the backdoor to the Courthouse, and can also be given to the hobo oracle in the Rail Nomad's Camp. You can also use it on a bum in Needles to get him to give you the password to the Acapulco club.
  5. Geiger counter. Guess what: years after the bombs hit, there's plenty of radiation still out there! Having a Geiger counter can be very helpful in dodging it during daylight hours when you can't see the glowing spot on the map. If you want to cheapskate it, don't worry: Christina has one in Needles.

Tempting Buys[edit | edit source]

At early levels, there are a number of items you might be tempted to get off the break. Really, you can get enough levels in fighting through the Agricultural Center, the Mines, and Quartz to allow one to survive random encounters in Needles. So, knowing that certain equipment might just be around the corner, here's a few things you might want to save your cash on (unless you just feel like messing around improving skills later, that is):