Red Ryder

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Red Ryder
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Red Ryder is a character that cannot abide child killers! No matter how justified in the eyes of the perpetrator, he will show no mercy.

Overview[edit | edit source]

When you walk through the river in Highpool then there are two spots where you can slip and fall into it. On each of these occasions some Brats appear laughing at you. When you kill them and pick up the loot more Brats are coming. Kill and loot them, too and then you encounter a Chubby Kid. Kill and loot again and now you are confronted by the Red Ryder who is sad and angry about you killing the children and starts firing at you with his Red Ryder Rifle. When you kill the Red Ryder and pick up the loot (Unfortunately not the rifle) then the camp is converted into a ghost town. The river and the lake dries out and the Shop, the Infirmary, the Workshop and the Community Center are closed.