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Requisition orders allow the player to receive an item from Ethil Mercaptain at no cost (technically has a cost of 1). These items are usually either unique weapons or items that are rare/expensive at lower levels and can be used to gear up your Rangers early in the game. The items available change as you progress and there are numerous opportunities to gain additional requisitions as you progress.

Leather jacket and goat hide armor are unlocked by default.

List of requisition orders[edit | edit source]

NPC Conditions for receiving the requisition order Additional items unlocked
Flintlock Eggleston Complete Bring Ace's star home. Bad Attitude
General Vargas Complete Investigate strange metal leg Shu-Model Ranger combat knife
Trinkets: Anna's eagle feather, Ship in a Bottle, Unusual bow, Sunbrella, White Death
Captain Ethil Mercaptain If you rescued it, talk to her about "Ag Center"
(enter manually), then about Matt Forrestal
The Blix
(Reportedly also becomes available after returning Rick Baychowski to Ranger Citadel)
Captain Ethil Mercaptain Deliver depleted uranium to the Captain. Wegman Aether Corrupter and Gamma ray blaster
Captain Ethil Mercaptain Give her the Bushnell Ocelot Psoz, Mark II and Mobile infantry armor
Captain Ethil Mercaptain Give her the Athelwulf's Utopia The Roach, 2xCombat armor, and Tactical vest
Captain Ethil Mercaptain Give her the CD-i The Notch, Pulse rifle and Meson cannon (Wasteland 2)
Captain Ethil Mercaptain Give her the Turntable The Face Ripper

Captain Ethil Merecaptain Give her (i dont know which item, but after completing prision) Gives you the street cleaner shotgun


Also gives you assault rifle called lariat and an energy weapon called ion blaster and mobile infantry armor

also an assault rifle called wegman ather corrupter