Save a condemned man - or not

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Save a condemned man - or not
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Save a condemned man - or not
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Quest data
locationAngel Oracle
Related quests
leads to:
Bring Mr. Manners Tori Robbinson's head

Save a condemned man - or not is a quest in Wasteland 2.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Fletcher, a Mannerite, has been imprisoned and is slated for execution due to negligence. The Rangers can intercede on his behalf.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Fletcher in his cell in the arena to gain a rough idea of who to talk to.
  • Talk to Elizaveta. With Hard Ass 7, she spills the beans and describes the entire affair in detail, including the involvement of Mr Manners and Tori Robbinson.
  • Leave the Angel Oracle.
  • On the way out, Sheriff Marshall will accost the Rangers and demand a hostage. Apparently, Fletcher made a run for it. The hostage will die if the Rangers don't find Fletcher.
  • Track down Fletcher to Elizaveta, Roger Yee and the ventilation shaft nearby. Elizaveta will shed light on what happened to Fletcher.
  • Talk to Roger Yee to gain information on who was involved in Fletcher making a run for it. He will point to Nick Chauvin and Gene Cronk.
    • Special branch: At this point, it is possible to end the quest right here and now by revealing to Mister Manners that Tori Robbinson is plotting to take over the Angel. Manners will be surprised, but will accept the report. Tori will flee the Oracle, the hostage will be released and the Fletcher quest will complete.
  • Alternatively, after confronted with Yee's and Elizaveta's testimonies, Gene Cronk will reveal that Fletcher made a run for it and is hiding out at the Fletcher's hideout.
  • Travel to the hideout to find it under attack from robots. Kill them fast, before they kill poor Fletcher. Talking to him and explaining the situation will cause him to tag along with the Rangers back to the Oracle.
  • Once returned, the Rangers get back their compatriot and can:
    • Allow the execution to proceed, leading to Tori Robbinson deposing Mister Manners and taking over the Oracle. Fletcher will die.
    • Interrupt the execution and reveal Tori's conspiracy to Mister Manners. Tori will flee the Oracle, Fletcher will be released, and the quest will complete.
    • In order for the following to succeed you must have completed the Help Mr. Manners find an alternate source of meat quest [Director's Cut version] and you need to complete other quests in the city: Interrupt the execution and use Kiss Ass 10 or Smart Ass 10 to persuade Mister Manners to change the Mannerite traditions. Fletcher will be released, the quest will complete, but the conspiracy will not be revealed.

Reward[edit | edit source]

  • Access to Mister Manners.
  • Access to the radio tower.
  • Access to Mannerite armory.