Scorpitron 2.0

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Scorpitron 2.0
Wasteland scorpitron 2 0 by andreewallin-d4w6776.jpg
hit points3000armor8
chance to evade0%chance to hit?
action points?combat speedNot applicable
Encounter data
experience granted500
Seal Beach
Technical data
weaponScorpitron tail (5-7, eight shots in a burst)

The Scorpitron 2.0 is a powerful combat robot, a more advanced version of the original Scorpitron. Instead of a continuous track design, the 2.0 version is a walker, able to move at quick speeds and quite capable of leveling buildings with its massive chassis.

Background[edit | edit source]

A massive combat walker mass-produced at the government bunker beneath Seal Beach, the Scorpitron is a frightening monster built for navigating any kind of terrain, including urban ruins, and bringing a terrifying amount of weaponry to bear on its targets.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The Scorpitron is the most powerful combat synth encountered in the game. It boasts an insane amount of hit points and an array of weapons that will cause problems for all squads, no matter how well equipped they are. Luckily, it remains stationary in actual combat, meaning it's possible to stay at range and pelt it with gunfire. Of course, that isn't quite as obvious, as the synth has plenty of tricks up its sleeve.

Armaments[edit | edit source]

  • Scorpitron tail: A rotary cannon mounted on the tail is the default weapon of the Scorpitron. Although it deals low damage per shot, it fires up to eight in a burst, making it a very dangerous tool
  • Flamethrower: For dealing with close range threats, the Scorpitron will switch for a single round to a flamethrower and sweep the area in front of it in a wide arc. It fires twice and deals damage on both passes.
  • Mini-scorpitron: The Scorpitron will fire miniature versions of itself from the launchers on its back. Four mini-scorpitrons are deployed and once they're gone or converted to the player's side, the Scorpitron will deploy four more. The first batch is deployed at the beginning of combat automatically. Lost miniatures are replenished every four turns.

Combat procedure[edit | edit source]

  • Cover is essential against the Scorpitron. Without it, the Tail will chew Rangers apart.
  • The mini-Scorpitrons should be dealt with first. It's just 50 HP, but each packs a mean punch and can seriously damage a Ranger party.
  • Brawlers and melee specialists should take care while fighting the Scorpitron, as it's very easy to get roasted by its flamethrower.
  • Explosives are bad. Do not waste high end explosives, like the RPG-7. They are much better used against group of enemies.
  • Bring tons of ammo. Wodpre rashi Karna das.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • The first Scorpitron 2.0 can be met in California, where the Rangers answer a distress call from Inglewood, from there it is a prolonged firefight between the Rangers and the behemoth that is the Scorpitron. It then appears again a handful of times, including during the final assault on the Citadel.