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affiliationGod's Militia
roleLeader of the Church Vigilant
locationBastion of Faith
appearancesWasteland 2
He was a good man, God rest him. One of mine, until Mayweather had him promoted to his Paladins and put him under Paladin Sanctity's command. That was the death of him. One of the first patrols he went on, the squad got attacked by raiders and Simms took one in the back. After that, Mayweather took advantage of poor Fealty's grief and started in on comforting her. Wouldn't leave her alone. Next thing you know, they were married. All seemed a bit sudden and sick to me, but God moves in mysterious ways.

Simms was a Knight of the God's Militia.

Background[edit | edit source]

A pious man and husband of Fealty, Simms had the misfortune of having a wife who caught the eye of Malediction Mayweather. Mal had Simms promoted to the Paladin and then ordered them to take Simms and shoot him in the woods surrounding the Bastion. Shot in the face and twice in the chest, Simms ended up as a preserved eyeball floating in the jar at the Paladin barracks.