Slicer Dicer (Wasteland 2)

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For the enemy in Wasteland, see Slicerdicer.
Slicer Dicer
Wl2 portrait slicer01.tex.png
hit points540armor4
chance to evade-20chance to hit80
crit. hit chance25crit. dam. multiplier2.0x
action points10combat speed2
Encounter data
detection FOV60detection radius15
experience granted150
locationsAbandoned railway
Technical data
weaponClaws (Wl2 Icon Damage.png 30-40 WL2 icon Armor Pen.png 5)
Laser (Wl2 Icon Damage.png 20-28 WL2 icon Armor Pen.png 5)
Laser scan (Wl2 Icon Damage.png 20 WL2 icon Armor Pen.png 5)
Explodes on death (Wl2 Icon Damage.png 25 WL2 icon Armor Pen.png 5 )
AZ_RE_Robot_SlicerDicer (Random encounter, unused in the game)

Slicer Dicer is a creature in Wasteland 2.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Slicer Dicer is a heavy duty cyborg, designed for command and control of larger numbers of synthetic combat forces in the field. With it impressive array of weapons and extreme resiliency, it's a threat to any Ranger that tries to tangle with it.

Legend has it that the first Slicer-Dicer was built as a joke, the engineers stacking every weapon they had on as many legs as it took to get it to remain upright under the weight. Legend also has it that a visiting Marine Corps general saw it for the first time, failed to get the joke, wept with joy, and ordered a hundred.[1]

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The Slicer Dicer is effectively a mini-boss. It has very high CON, armor protection, and its weapons ignore pretty much any armor the Rangers can field in Arizona. Worse, it can make plenty of attacks: With 10 AP to use, it can attack with its claws (4 AP), use the laser attack (cone pattern affects the entire Ranger party, 6 AP), or set up an AoE effect (6 AP). Thankfully, it's encountered a total of seven times, most of which the Rangers can get the drop on it.

Note that the Dicer is often supported by other robots. As such, when heading to Damonta or the abandoned railway, pack a rocket launcher or two. Tan's RPG-7 is pretty much the go-to solution for slicer dicers. Take care: The Dicer explodes on death.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Damonta: Four, one near the Jet Set Motel, one near the Silent Springs building, two on the landing strip in the northern part of the city.
  • Abandoned railway: Three found in the ruins.

References[edit | edit source]