Spam Shade

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Spam Shade
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affiliationNeedles Police
locationPolice station
I suppose you wanna know about the Bloodstaff. Don't mind telling you the murders have lots of folks worried. People just up and vanish. Then, when we find them again, they've been drained of blood - every drop. I seen one of the bodies and it had a cut in the neck, just like a scar my grandmother had on her neck. She said once, when she was little, a priest used the Bloodstaff on her after she got snakebit. I think the Bloodstaff is involved, and that means trouble.

Detective Spam Shade is the primary investigator of the Needles police.

Background[edit | edit source]

This detective reminds Rangers of Humphrey Bogart. When they approach, he snicks a match with his thumbnail and lights a cigarette. An overflowing ashtray sits on his desk beside an open bottle of Scotch. His eyes are cold and hard as he watches you. A lump of a roscoe in a shoulder holster sits under his gray suit coat. He will not play the sap for anybody. Recently he has been investigating the string of murders related to the Bloodstaff of the Temple of Blood and can provide the Rangers with basic information on the subject.