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Super loot bags is an exploit affecting the IBM/PC version of Wasteland. This exploit does not work on the Commodore 64/Apple II versions of the game. By using the bug, one can create a "super loot bag" containing nearly limitless numbers of random items (and some "non items", such as "Russian" or "Female") that a party can loot... including some ultra-powerful and rare items, such as Proton Axes and Pseudo-Chitin Armor. Credit goes to "M. Zier"; the details were found on The Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid/The Underground.

Procedure[edit | edit source]

There are three super loot bags in the game. Those in Needles and Las Vegas are obtained through use of the Gambling skill. Usually if you obtain the bag in the Acapulco Club, you will make one or two available in the Stage Coach Inn. Those are obtained through use of the Perception skill.

How-to[edit | edit source]

Gambling Method (Fat Freddy's or Acapulco Club):

  1. Disband a single character from your party who has the Gambling skill.
  2. Gamble until you win, but leave the loot.
  3. Gamble again and the next available spot. When you win, again, do not take the loot.
  4. Return to the first loot bag.
  5. Drop any item in the characters inventory.
  6. Return to the second loot bag.
  7. Take the loot -- then press the down arrow.
  8. Hit Escape.
  9. Now the bag will reappear as a super loot bag.

In Stage Coach Inn:

  1. Complete the gambling method at the Acapulco Club.
  2. Walk along the chainlink fence (southern border) OR enter room #11, talk to the bum in the corner about 'MONEY'. After recieving his response check the chair.

Contents of bags[edit | edit source]

Quantities of items are random, trends are noted below. Often 'nonsense' items (like names of attributes or gender) are available. Quantites and appearances of these items is totally random as well.

Worthy of note is an 'item' that is called "NAME AC". This can be equipped as armor with armor class 127 or 126 (will only display as 27/26). When it asks you "unjam?" enter 'no' then equip the item.

QUARTZ (Stage Coach Inn):

Pseudo-chitin, Proton Axes, Chainsaws, Axes, Crowbars, 1 Red Ryder rifle, RPGs, LAWs & Sabots, TNT, Meson Cannons, Ion Beamers, M-17 Carbines, Pistols, SMG’s & A.R.’s, pistol & rifle, ammo clips, Blackstar keys, Finster heads, Jewelry, Clay pots, Snake Squeezins, Howitzer shells

NEEDLES (Acapulco Club):

"NAME A", Pseudo-chitin armor, Proton Axes, Axes, Knives, many Red Ryder rifles, LAW, Sabot rockets, Manglers, Plastic Explosives, Grenades, a few Power packs, M-19 Rifles, Pistols, SMG’s & A.R.’s, pistol & rifle ammo clips, Onyx & Ruby rings, NOVA & PULSAR keys, Rom boards, Secpass 3 keys, Finster's heads, Fruit, Snake squeezin', Throwing Knives, Howitzer shells tc.

LAS VEGAS (Fat Freddy's):

Kevlar suits, Bullet-proof shirts, Proton Axes, Axes, just a couple Red Ryder rifles, Sabots & Manglers, Grenades, Meson Cannons, Ion Beamers, Laser Carbines, Laser Pistols, M-17 Carbines, Pistols, SMG’s & A.R.’s, pistol & rifle ammo clips, Plasma Couplers, Fusion Cells, Secpass A keys, Clone Fluid, Grazer bat fetish, VISA cards, Ropes, Sledge hammer etc.

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