Team Echo

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Team Echo
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headquartersRanger Citadel
belongs toDesert Rangers

Team Echo is one of the main Desert Rangers teams operating in the wasteland. In 2102, their main assignment is investigating the death of Ranger Ace under orders from General Vargas.[1] Team Echo is the player's Ranger squad and their actions, character, makeup, and so on and so forth are all up to them.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Vargas: "Yeah, I know. You've hardly found your feet with us, and here I am sendin' you on a *mission* that already got one Ranger killed. Well, I wish I had another option, but the Desert Rangers are spread a little thin right now. Ranger Teams Able and Charlie are out west tryin' to stop a range war out there from becomin' straight up genocide, and Team Baker is up north lookin' for a way through the radiation that's cut us off from Vegas. I'm afraid the next generation is going to have to lead the charge on this one."
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