Ghost Book 1 - The Earth Transformed

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Ghost Book 1 - The Earth Transformed
The Earth Transformed.jpg
authorMichael Stackpole, Nathan Long
publisherinXile Entertainment
release dateMay 27, 2014
mediumPrint / Ebook
Wasteland: Rangers & Raiders
Ghost Book 2 - Death Machines

Ghost Book 1 - The Earth Transformed (ISBN: 9781941210048) is a second novella published by inXile Entertainment during the development of Wasteland 2. Written by Michael Stackpole and Nathan Long, it is given out to project's backers as well as to those who bought Digital Deluxe edition of the game. It is the first part of a story that establishes canon events that occured before Wasteland 2 and provides additional lore to reframe the events of the previous game.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Hunting for the source of the killer robots terrorizing the Arizona wastes, a team of Desert Rangers stumbles into the town of Darwin's Village. The people there are weak and getting weaker, dying of a disease born inside the research facility that employs them all. As the rangers search the facility for a cure, one of them, Ghost, is also looking for other answers. Only days before he awoke in a cloning chamber knowing nothing of his previous life except that he'd worn a ranger's star and he'd died in Darwin's Village. But who killed him? And why? And more importantly, can he fill the boots of the man he used to be?