The Servants of Titan

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The Servants of Titan
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The Servants of Titan is a book in Wasteland 2.

Background[edit | edit source]

A broad, well-bound book illuminated throughout with fantastical images. The leather has a strange, warped rubbery texture and a faint green glow.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Part 1[edit | edit source]


Brothers, Sisters, sit and pay heed to the Tale of Titan.

Long have we worshipped and known of the Mushroom Cloud. Our fathers and their fathers before them knew the Holy Ones, they knew of Einstein, who gave us the Theory, and they knew of Oppenheimer, who gave us the Bomb, and they knew of Planck the Ever-Constant. Through their guidance we found the Great Glow, which illuminates our path and welcomes us in death.

Our fathers founded a Temple in the West, a safe haven for our true beliefs, and that Center of Holy Knowledge was the beating, radiating heart of our enduring faith. From there we spread the word, and the word was pure and glowing.

Charmaine the Beauteous carried the Word in that day. She was known far and wide across the wastes both for her rectitude in our teachings as well as the outward beauty the Great Glow had seen fit to bless her with, to aid her in converting more souls.

Blessed were those days. We were spreading the Word of the Mushroom Cloud, the holy Bloodstaff was recovered, and all seemed glorious and bright for a future in which Word of the Glow would cover all the Wasteland.

Part 2[edit | edit source]


Forgive us, oh Titan! Forgive us our presumption! Forgive us our arrogance! We thought we knew all when we were like children who knew nothing.

It was Brother Ramirez who had been lost in the atom clouds to the east that opened our eyes. He had found himself deep into the sacred glow of the mushroom cloud, joyous and blessed felt he, ready to succumb and be dispersed into the Great Glow. Instead Titan's hand took him and pulled him on and on, deeper into the desert. And there he came upon a new Temple, one even more sacred than that of the west. He prayed for a day and a night outside the Temple's walls before considering himself clean enough to enter. Inside he expected to find an empty shell of a temple, or perhaps only a few holy relics. Instead he found a God - the God! Titan!

Ramirez stayed in the Temple for seven days and seven nights, listening to the God's whispers, learning things no one knew before or since. Finally, Titan sent him back to us, to bring us the truth we were ignorant of, with joy in his heart.

Part 3[edit | edit source]


But when he returned, he was met with a lack of faith and understanding from many. Too many. Was it false gods that whispered falsehoods in their ears? Or were they too ignorant and afraid? Or were they never truly believers? We do not know, we shall never know. But brother turned on erstwhile brother in this dark hour, lives were lost in pointless bloodshed.

But Titan in his wisdom came to Ramirez, and whispered to him to let the infidels be. Their hour would come, but not at our hands. So Ramirez took the true believers with him, and they travelled back to the sacred Temple of Titan. Ramirez left us along the way, rewarded by Titan and taken into the Great Glow.

Titan, oh Titan. Blessed are You for guiding us Here. Your sheltering hand kept us safe here, as it provides us with the bounty we need to survive. We were lost without You, but now we have the found the way. Blessed are You, and the people who serve You.