The Ten Commandments of James King

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The Ten Commandments of James King
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The Ten Commandments of James King is a book in Wasteland 2. It is found in a container in the penitents' pen in Griffith Park.

Background[edit | edit source]

A small laminated card with text printed in big block letters.

Transcript[edit | edit source]


A Primer for Children

1. I am the Lord your God, and James King is my Prophet.
2. To Deny God is the Greatest Sin. Those who do not believe must be delivered unto God for Judgment.
3. You shall recognize no other Church than the Church of Salvation.
4. Take the Teachings of God, James King and the Church and spread them unto the land.
5. Those who believe will follow, those who do not will fall beneath the Lord's vengeance. Stay not your hand to Cleanse the Unbeliever.
6. Read your Bible daily and pray to the Lord God and his Prophet James King.
7. To commit adultery is to Sin.
8. To allow intoxicating substances inside you is to Sin.
9. To lie and steal is to Sin.
10. Only through cleansing the Sins of others can you cleanse your own Sins.