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The executable of the game (wl.exe) is compressed with Microsoft's EXEPACK system. Some articles in this Wiki contain information about the game internals and might refer to a specific offset in the EXE file. These offsets always refer to a position in the unpacked EXE file (wlu.exe). To create this unpacked EXE file you have to use the DOS command-line tool UNPACK.EXE:

> unpack wl.exe wlu.exe

The original wl.exe file must have a size of 62,549 bytes and the MD5 checksum 4bb000dfe7e64f6d342f3487094b7184. If yours is different then check if you are using the original unmodified EXE file.

The unpacked wlu.exe must be 169,824 bytes large and must have the MD5 checksum 7c0b1536c5fa1dcaf023bc6f33732542. If yours is different then you may have used a different unpacker. Please use the one mentioned above or otherwise the offset addresses in the Wiki articles may not match your EXE file.