Vulture's Cry

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Vulture's Cry
Wl2 Portrait Vulture's Cry.png
appearancesWasteland 2
Character statistics
skillsAnimal Whisperer 4
Sniper Rifles 3
Outdoorsman 3
Perception 3

Perks: Tactical Positioning

Vulture's Cry is a character that can be recruited into your party in Wasteland 2.

Background[edit | edit source]

Vulture's Cry is a scout from a Native American tribe from beyond the Arizona waste's southern border. When radioactive clouds of dust that blocked the way north were cleared by winds, she was sent north by her tribe with a number of other warriors to explore, learn, and trade. When raiders killed the other members of Vulture's Cry's party, she attempted to head back south to her tribe. Unfortunately, the radioactive dust clouds had already moved back into place by the time she arrived at the passage, and she was barred from returning to her tribe. Taking this as a sign from her Gods that she was meant to explore as much as she could the new lands and learn all she could possibly learn, she set out once again on her mission.

She unfortunately came to the rather close-minded community that lived in Highpool, and was imprisoned after Sean Bergin accused her of being a Wrecker spy. She remains there until the Rangers free her, and she joins their group, seeing it as an acceptable route to take in the pursuit of knowledge for her people.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

WL2 Skill Icon Barter.png
This character is a party member.
WL2 Skill Icon Lockpicking.png
This character has other interactions.
  • Offers an unique interaction in Damonta.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • She is held prisoner in Highpool and mocked by the local juveniles. Vulture's Cry will agree to join you after you get rid of the kids bothering her.
  • If you get rid of the kids and open her cage before speaking to her, she will flee and you won't be able to recruit her.
  • Her equipment was confiscated by the Highpool merchant - Harold and can be recovered via level 2 Hard Ass dialog option. The recovered equipment consists of a G43-W sniper rifle, 20 .30-60 Ammo rounds, an Unusual Bow, and her Pet Rock.
  • Sean Bergin will not be happy if you break Vulture's Cry out of jail, but you can claim you are arresting her.
  • If you do not save Highpool during the first Main Quest, Vulture's Cry will not be available for recruitment.
  • She is known to speak Spanish. If you have her with you in Damonta and with Hopi she will speak to her in Spanish about the robots and the town.
  • Before you let her join your team, if you ask her about the juvies that were harassing her she will break character for a moment. She then comes clean about using the "noble savage" persona when interacting with strangers, as that is what they've come to expect. She will subsequently drop the act and speak more plainly with you.

Equipment[edit | edit source]