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The following lists Wasteland 3 classes, for lack of a better word. Everyone in the Wasteland has their own combination of talents and quirks. While many fall into more typical roles, some choose to walk their own path, whereever that may take them.

Classes do not restrict your options, but serve as a general guideline for how your character can function and are generated based on their general build.

List[edit | edit source]


Battle-hardened and ready for action, Troopers are solid, dependable, and never crack under pressure. Their true aim in combat, their skill with grenades and explosives, and their ability to disarm land mines, all make the Trooper a Ranger you can count on to hold the line.

Combat Medic

Fighting the beasts and baddies of the Wasteland, it's inevitable that a Ranger will get hurt. Combat Medics are the heroes who step into the line of fire to patch them up when they do. Whether suturing cuts, administering antidotes, or pulling a pal back from the brink of death, a medic keeps the team together - literally.

Hacker The wastes are littered with old computers and robots from before the war, and Rangers who know their systems and how to repair them are held in high regard. A good Hacker can reprogram devices, break into ancient databases, and turn hostile robots against their masters. Geeks rule.
Infiltrator Ever notice how all the good stuff is on the other side of a lock? An Infiltrator can help with that - taking down alarm systems, getting past locked doors, and opening chests. And they're just as good at getting out of places as they are at getting in. Handy.
Mechanic With little manufacturing left in the world, those who know how to repair machines and gadgets are more valuable than ever. Whether it's fixing someone's ride, getting a generator running, or improving a gun, a Mechanic will keep your team your team ready to roll - and ready to rock.
Inventor Some people are just born tinkerers, inventing and building weird and wacky gadgets - some of which actually work. Inventors might be eccentric, but when you can turn naysayers into ashes with a laser rifle, or scramble their brainwaves with a magnetron ray, who needs social graces anyway?
Survivalist When Armageddon came, the Survivalists were ready - well versed in taming and charming animals, finding hidden caches, and spotting danger before it spots them. Whether they truly hear the call of the wild, or just want an excuse to stop grooming, Survivalists thrive in the wastes.

Call them guardian angels or angels of death, it pays to have a Sniper watching you from on high. Snipers can kill your enemies before they even know what's hit them, and they pride themselves on keeping their guns clean and ready to fire at all times.

Modder Modders take elective surgery and body modification to the extreme, replacing their legs, arms - and other extremities - with powered steel prosthetics, all in the pursuit of peak performance. To Modders, the line between human and machine is the starting line.
Trader No matter how bad things get, a Trader always finds a way to turn them to their advantage. Using an enemy's fears against them, or getting top dollar for utter junk. Sometimes, of course, they've got to be quick with a gun too. Words, bucks, or bullets - Traders always know which hand to play.
Commander Every squad can use a Commander, someone both willing and able to keep the team in line. Commanders are both skilled fighters and negotiators, but their real strength is their ability to inspire their allies to be more effective, coordinated, and capable in combat.
Enforcer You have to be tough in the Wasteland, and Enforcers are the toughest. Whether wielding a simple baseball bat or pipe wrench, or getting fancy with a purpose-built hydraulic hammer, there aren't many enemies - or doors for that matter - that can stand in their way.

The only thing a Brawler likes more than fighting is making their enemies whimper in fear. They can often back down foes with just a word. And if that fails, they know their fists - and whatever weapons they can strap to them - will get them out of any trouble their mouth got them into.

Explosive Expert Explosive Experts like big booms and they cannot lie. Whether it's a rocket launcher, heavy machine gun, flamethrower, or good 'ol fashioned grenades, Explosive Experts always bring the big guns. Just don't ask them to worry about little things like "collateral damage".