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The wastelands of post-apocalyptic Colorado are full of factions vying for control over the territory. The Rangers' standing with them is graded on a five step scale: Hated, Disliked, Neutral, Liked, and Loved.

List[edit | edit source]

  • Desert Rangers: The Rangers of Colorado are a motley collection of young idealists, aging drifters, shifty rogues, retired mercenaries, and more. As their commander, it's your job to keep them loyal to the cause. When you first arrived in Colorado, most people on the eastern side of the Rockies had never heard of the Rangers before. As you make a name for yourself in the Patriarch's territory, more and more of the locals will know who you are - for better or worse.
  • Hundred Families: The leading citizens of Colorado Springs, descended from the survivalist families who founded the Patriarch's nation. Most are dedicated to rebuilding America as it was before the bombs.
  • Patriarch's Marshals: Led by Sheriff Daisy, the Marshals enforce the Patriarch's laws in Colorado Springs and - when necessary - beyond. They're a paramilitary force, similar to police, but a little rougher around the edges.
  • Gippers: A heavily-armed cult devoted to the "god-president," Ronald Reagan. Some may call them crazy, but since they produce and refine all the oil in Colorado, everybody's got to pretend they're not.
  • Wastelander Refugees: Desperate, hardscrabble people from the periphery of the Patriarch's nation. As gangs and other dangers encroach from outside, many refugees have fled to Colorado Springs and other fortified towns.
  • Monster Army: Fifty years ago, the Monster Army ruled Colorado. Now they're old and fading, and all they have left is the Bizarre, a "free haven" of trade and eccentric delights.
  • Steeltown
  • Payasos
  • Scar Collectors
  • Godfishers
  • Dorseys