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Wasteland Historian is an achievement which requires that 45 lore items are found and viewed in a single playthrough. There are more than 45 pieces of lore that count toward this achievement, but some are mutually exclusive or only available if certain decisions are made. 45 lore items should be obtainable regardless of the choices the player makes, as long as the ones available in Arizona are gathered before moving on to California.

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Note that some item locations have changed since Beta and as a result some information may be unreliable.

Arizona[edit | edit source]

If both the Ag Center and Highpool are destroyed, only 33 lore items may be found before leaving Arizona. Most players aiming for the achievement should be able to gather 35.

Route exclusive[edit | edit source]

If the Ag Center is saved first:

If Highpool is saved first:

California[edit | edit source]

Players who were thorough in Arizona should only need to gather 10 more in LA to obtain the achievement. However, 12 are available.

Unavailable in-game or location unknown[edit | edit source]