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For a general explanation of what templates are and how they are used, see Help:Templates.

This page provides a list of the most commonly used templates at this wiki. Simply place the text listed under "How to insert" in the appropriate place.

General[edit source]

These templates should be inserted at the top of every article.

Name What it is used for How to insert
Game/source Marking which Fallout game(s) the information in an article comes from or relates to. For a list of accepted abbreviations, please see Template:Games. {{Games|<game1>|<game2>|<etc>}}

Page management[edit source]

Mbox default.svg
Example: Page management template
This is an example for the look of a page management template.

Page management templates are used if you notice that something is out of order with a certain page or section and want to bring it to the attention of other editors or administrators. They display a box describing the issue and add the page to the appropriate maintenance category.

These templates should generally be placed at the very top of a page unless you only want to mark a section for "treatment"; then they should be at the top of that section. The exceptions to this rule are:

  • {{stub}}, which should be at the bottom of a page.
  • {{section}}, which should be inserted in the place of the missing section.
  • {{verify}}, which should be placed directly behind the fact needing verification.

All of these templates can be used with two unnamed parameters:

  • The first unnamed parameter can be used for specifying the game(s) an editor needs to own/be knowledgeable about in order to resolve the issue (see {{abb}} for valid inputs).
  • The second unnamed parameter can be used for describing the issue in more detail.
Name When to use it How to insert
Bad image Article needs a better image or image has quality issues and needs to be edited for clarity, cropped, resized or replaced. {{Bad image|<abbreviation(s)>|<details>}}
Cleanup required Article requires cleaning up {{Cleanup|<abbreviation(s)>|<details>}}
Delete Article should be deleted {{Delete|<abbreviation(s)>|<details>}}
Icon needed Article is missing an icon {{Icon needed|<abbreviation(s)>|<details>}}
Image needed Article is missing a required image {{Image needed|<abbreviation(s)>|<details>}}
Infobox incomplete Article's infobox is missing data {{Infobox incomplete|<abbreviation(s)>|<details>}}
Infobox needed Article is missing an infobox {{Infobox needed|<abbreviation(s)>|<details>}}
Missing data Article contains templates with missing data {{Missing data|<abbreviation(s)>|<details>}}
Section needed Article is missing a necessary section {{Section|<abbreviation(s)>|<details>}}
Stub Article should be expanded {{Stub|<abbreviation(s)>|<details>}}
Upcoming content Article refers to upcoming content and needs to be completed/checked for accuracy upon release of this content. {{Upcoming|<abbreviation(s)>|<details>}}
Verification needed Fact needs verification. Countdown timer of 14 days before being marked for removal. {{Verify|<abbreviation(s)>|~~~~~}}
Wikification needed Article needs to be wikified (properly formatted & categorized) {{Wikify|<abbreviation(s)>|<details>}}

Navigation and categories[edit source]


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For another help page, see Help:Contents.

These templates are used to improve the navigation and structure of The Vault.

Name When to use it How to insert
Category page Add it to every category to automatically create a link to the article of the same name as the category. {{Catmore}}
Disambiguation If a term can refer to multiple articles (more than 2) place this at the top of the the page and list the possible articles the term may refer to. {{Disambig}}
For, see If a term can refer to 2 articles place this at the very top of both articles to link to the other meaning. {{For|<example text>|<example link>}}
Main article If something should be briefly mentioned in one article but is explained in more detail in another. {{Main|<example link>}}
See If something is explained in more detail in another article and does not need to be explained in the current one. {{See|<example link>}}

Navboxes[edit source]

Navboxes are used to ease navigation between a certain group of articles. They should be inserted in all articles of that group at the very bottom of an article, just above the categories. Exception to this rule are sidebars, these should inserted close to the top of an article.

New navboxes can be constructed with {{Navbox}}. For a list of existing navboxes, please see Category:Navbox templates.

Source templates[edit source]

Sourcebox default.pngThe following is based on Example and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

These templates are to be inserted into articles (or sections) where it is important to make the reader aware of the presented information's source. Usually this means that the info comes from cut content, its canonicity is disputed or that it is a spoiler (note however that only information relating to upcoming games or add-ons should be spoiler-tagged).

Source templates are generally added to the top of an article, just below the infobox (if there is any).

Name When to use it How to insert
Fountain of Dreams if information originates from Fountain of Dreams {{FOD}}
Meantime if information originates from Meantime {{MT}}

Infobox templates[edit source]

WL ani 241.gif
locationThe Wasteland

Infobox templates have the function to present basic facts about the article in a consistent way. They are to be placed at the top of an article.

Infobox templates are usually called using parameters, i.e. each infobox has different parameters which need to be defined when calling it. Find the template you need from the list below and refer to the template's page to see what parameters are required. If there are multiple templates of a certain type, use the most specific one.

The table is sortable; just click on one of the symbols in the table header row to order the content according to your preferences.

Name Group What it is used for
{{Infobox ammunition}} Item Ammunition
{{Infobox armor}} Item Armor
{{Infobox character}} Character Characters
{{Infobox creature}} Creature Creatures
{{Infobox faction}} Faction Factions
{{Infobox game}} Publication Games, used on the main Wasteland game pages (e.g. Wasteland)
{{Infobox item}} Item Items
{{Infobox location}} Location Locations
{{Infobox person}} Real-life Real-life people (e.g. developers)
{{Infobox skill}} Character development Skills
{{Infobox weapon}} Item Weapons

See also[edit source]